Seals / o-ring

Vee Packing Seals

OSA has developed a complete range of proprietary compounds (Rubber & Filled PTFE Based) for Vee Packing Seals used in Downhole Tools, Pumps, Valves etc.

Flapper Seals

Flapper Seals in various designs are available in Filled PTFE compounds.

Packer Elements

We have special grade rubber compounds for Packer Elements.


API Seal Rings & Premium Connection Seals

We carry a complete range of API Seal Rings for


Buttress Casings

EUE Casings

Non-Upset Casings

8 Round Casings

Premium Connection Seal Rings

Please consult our Engineering Department for more details on the Types of Connections and Sizes.

Oil Seals and Shaft Seals

We carry various Oil Seals size in stock. Oil Seals or Shaft seals are used on shafts or axles that rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise. They are fitted in housings with low different pressures. The sealing element elastomer, like sleeve and the metal stiffening ring case, both of which are vulcanized together and in the radial direction, the flex section ends in a lip, on which annular spiral tension spring is inserted.

The function of an oil seals or shaft seal is to prevent or minimise the leakage of oil or other media between a moving shaft and a stationary component. The designs made on oil seals vary in wide range. A different style could provide a differential sealing efficiency.

The design of an oil seals will also determine the maximum pressure it can withstand. Oil seals dimension is determined by its shaft Diameter (d), Bore Diameter (D) and Seal Height (h). All type of Imperial Oil Seal and Metric Oil Seal size comes in Single & Double Lip Oil Seal type.